Positive Flux Clients

AlphaSights LTD
Canoe Ventures LLC
Chyron Corporation
ClearChannel Media

GLG Group (GLG Scholar, top 10%)
Hearst Digital Media
Miranda Technologies
NBC Universal
NBC Sports
Private Equity/Private Bank: 45+ clients
Univision Deportes
Univision Noticias
Westerly Partners
World Science Festival
Wolzien LLC



Digital Media

  • 2012 HBO Latin America Group: Led effort to expand brand to internet by expanding HBOGO platform to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venzuela. For more, click here.
  • 2011 Clearchannel Digital Media: Expanded PC Richard theater to support live 24p video production in an overhaul of production processes and technology. Results permit iHeart radio to stream live content faster and produce packages much more rapidly and at reduced cost. For more, click here.
  • 2009 WRC Digital Newsroom: Led the transformation of market-leading news organization to a unified non-linear desktop-editing workflow, supporting broadcast & new media. Rebuilt staffing, work-processes, facility and technology to enable this change in just 9 months. Significant improvement in both profit margins and staff enthusiasm.
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics: Led US-based teams to capture, process and present 3,600 hours of Olympic coverage on the air, on-line and on-demand. Invented new workflows, live and on-demand media transformation farms and expanded digital media delivery capacity.
  • NBC Uni Cable origination plant: Designed a facility and workflow process so that a single media asset could be prepped and delivered to air, dozens of different web outlets, mobile and VOD. Created new tools to support order fulfillment, transcoding, auto manifest creation and delivery.
  • NBC Uni iTV monitoring center: Created facility to permit real time interactive components to be integrated into live programming for such programs as “Deal or No Deal”on NBC and “Top Chef” on Bravo.
  • NBC Desktop News: Abandoned traditional broadcasting concepts to develop one of the world’s first interactive multi-media business news networks. Before the Internet was popular, this service delivered breaking business news to desktops on Wall Street via video compression and T-1 lines.

Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions:

[2009-current] Almost 100 projects to assist Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Banks evaluate technology and service vendors in the broadcast technology space. Part of numerous acquisition teams, providing customer perspective and inside industry perspective.

  • Weather Channel [2008]- Led Production & Distribution pre-purchase due diligence and synergy preparation for NBC Universal.
  • Oxygen [2008] – Led pre-purchase due diligence and technological integration of production and distribution systems for this business on behalf of NBC Universal, eliminating redundant contracts, consolidating satellite bandwidth and launching HD service.
  • Universal – NBC [2004]. Pre-purchase due diligence and preparation of day 1 integration plans. Led consolidation of distribution, satellite and new media facilities to generate over $7MM of annual integration synergies.
  • Telemundo – NBC [2003]

Pre-purchase synergy development, integration plans for distribution processes. Post-merger facility integration and upgrades, staffing realignment

  • Bravo – NBC [2002]

Post merger integration

Broadcast & Production

  • Univision Deportes [2012]: In less than four months, identified and expanded underutilized infrastructure to expand small sports department into a full-fledged cable network. click here.
  • NBC Network HDTV transformation: In less than two years, led the conversion of NBC’s 30 Rock production facilities to HD, creating seven new production control facilities, rebuilding the GEnesis commercial integration facility and centralizing all editing and disk playback operations. Developed AFD technology, now a SMPTE standard, to utilize single-stream production facilities for multi-aspect ratio production.
  • NBC Cable Digital Origination: In eighteen months, built a thirty-two channel cable origination facility in Englewood Cliffs supporting all NBCUni’s cable properties. Leveraged infrastructure to support electronic delivery of media files to iTunes, VOD, MobiTV and others from a single production asset. Launched additional eight HD channels in nine months.
  • Today’s “Window on the World”: Led the development and construction of NBC News’ $15MM street level studio & control facility in 1994 and the $25MM upgrade to HD in 2006, creating the first, full-function glass enclosed studio in America.
  • MSNBC: Led team to create new Secaucus facility for NBC’s and Microsoft’s hybrid internet-broadcast news service. Responsible from initial business plans through construction to the launch of digital $65MM, 115,000 sqft home in Secaucus NJ written up in Wired magazine as one of 10 most “wired facilities on earth”. Now the home of MLB network.


  • Cable Satellite Digitization: Established digital distribution and acquisition systems with NBC’s cable partners. Converted 20 cable networks from analog to digital distribution at over 7000 sites in 14 months saving $6MM/year.
  • NBC Network Skypath Project, created & executed plan to convert two master sites and 186 affiliate sites to digital, HD and surround audio technology. Project included automation of affiliate sites to maintain customized feed pattern for each affiliate. Developed and rolled-out in eight months, saving $8MM annually.