As Media Stocks Dive, Broadcasters Need to Rediscover Creativity

Local TV stations show little to no effort in content creation   ‘Engagement’ is a key watchword for media businesses. Shows are trying to outdo each other with on-screen tweets, Orange rooms, lower third crawls and Facebook pages. We are desperate to create opportunities for our audiences to engage with our programs by contributing pithy…


NAB 2015: Video over IP is Coming

If it wasn’t clear to us before NAB 2015 started, then what Positive Flux would cover in this year’s NAB report was instantly apparent the minute we walked onto the show floor. From the banners outside the building to the booths of every major vendor and hundreds of smaller ones, the buzz was unmistakable:

Video over IP is not a concept that is in our distant future, but a technology that is coming very, very soon.

Before we explain what Video over IP is, let us tell you why we are excited. Video over IP relates to something Positive Flux has been saying for several years: the broadcast production/distribution model needs to become more flexible–in a hurry–if it is even going to just keep up with the rapid changes underway in the consumer electronics space. A consumer can already buy equipment for a reasonable price that exceeds the best quality and viewer experience than any traditional media company currently provides to the home.


Enough already! Things broadcast should move past in 2013.

While the end of the year inspires many to take stock of their lives, it is significantly more fun to take stock of everyone else’s life.
So, in the spirit of cleaning the broadcast industry’s technology slate and giving us all a fresh start, we at Positive Flux have looked into our collective crystal ball and compiled a list of things that we feel that will not, or at least should not, be seen after 2013.
Some of these are small. Others, perhaps, are the pet peeves of minds that spend a lot of time staring at schematics and contemplating efficient workflows. They are, however, all things that we see in the field every day. Many have long passed their useful expiration dates. We hope you enjoy this list and invite you to add your own contributions for consideration in the comments section.