The HD transition has just begun

Positive Flux recently conducted an extensive survey of US Television Station network affiliates to understand their technology, systems architectures and operations. The results provide details of the system architectures and operational methods which are not published in any book or study and include data from more than 360 stations. Our paper is a thirty-five page document providing a close look into their facilities and operations.

After reviewing the survey findings, the full report extends further to identify opportunities for improvement across a broad spectrum of operational areas within the stations. From media production to newsroom operations, traffic function to master control, technologies and innovations are identified which represent cost synergies for stations or potential business opportunities for vendors. Taken all together, our observations and suggestions exceed $250MM of annual identified savings.

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Index of charts & tables:

  • % of stations “Fully HD”
  • % of stations “Fully HD” by market size
  • The seven high level station operations functional building blocks
  • The typical network-affiliated station production flow
  • Stations production systems HD %
  • Shared services by cost benefit
  • Newsroom system (brand) by market size
  • Newsroom system by network affiliation
  • Edit system incidence by brand & type
  • Popular edit systems by market size
  • Popular edit platforms by network affiliation
  • Number of different edit solutions by network affiliation
  • Control room type by market size
  • Control room audio type
  • Incidence of HD graphics by brand
  • Stations shared services (categories)
  • Stations master control HD %
  • Stations master control type by network
  • Stations master control hubbed (by percentage)
  • Stations master control hubbed (by network)
  • Stations 3D pass-through support
  • Syndicated feeds block drawing
  • Master control block drawings (4 types)
  • ATSC encoding block drawing
  • ATSC encoders by brand
  • ATSC encoder brands by market size
  • Delivery to MVPDs block drawing
  • MVPD delivery by type
  • MVPD distribution by station
  • MVPD distribution by TV Household