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CES 2015 Report
Positive Flux’s 3rd report from the Consumer Electronics Conference outlines “Four trends you need to know” and a whole lot more. $ Free
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NAB 2013 Report

NAB 2013 report public small
Positive Flux’s 3rd annual report from the NAB conference focuses on the emergence of a new breed of story teller. This study extends trends identified in last years report and outlines new products and technologies which are changing broadcast production and distribution. $ Free
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NAB 2012 Report
NAB report 2012 v2.4 cover small2

Our report from this year’s NAB conference, outlining technology and market trends that will lead our industry, to an inflection point. The technology trends lead to a point in time when the consumer experience may be better around the big MVPD (Cable, DBS & Telco) players than through them. If these predictions are correct, this has enormous implications for the financial future of the industry. $ Free
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Stations Infrastructure 2011 Report [Executive Summary]
Stations Exec summary report cover2 A free executive summary version of Positive Flux’s survey of US Television Station network affiliates designed to understand their technology, systems architectures and operations. The executive summary features the “Top Ten Things We Learned” and explores subject matter from the full report.

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Stations Infrastructure 2011 Report [Full Report]
Stations Full report cover2

Positive Flux reveals results from their survey of US Television Stations to understand their technology, systems architectures and operations. This full report includes details of the system architectures and operational methods and is presented in a thirty-five page document. The report also identifies potential efficiencies identifying more than $250MM of potential savings and business opportunities. $ 1,200
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US TV Networks Infrastructure
Positive Flux’s in-depth study on the distribution technology infrastructure inside the four major US Television Networks. Document explores content workflows, traffic systems, master control operations, distribution technology, and delivery to TV station affiliates. Document contains dozens of drawings, functional description and vendor choices.

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IBC 2011 Report
Positive Flux IBC 2011 Report Cover

Our report from the 2011 International Broadcast Convention in Amsterdam outlining new multi-platform tools, VANC editing solutions and new display and distribution technologies.

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NAB Report 2011nab 2011 cover

Our annual National Association of Broadcasters convention report features sections on cloud-based delivery of media, workflow & asset management, quality control, routing systems, multi-image monitoring, virtual presence, recording and much more.
Please enjoy. $ Free

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CES Report 2011
Cover 3

Our second annual CES show report highlights growing trends in the media industry, outlines new and exciting technologies and identifies some things that are just plain cool. With specific focus on IP delivered television, interactivity, tablet computing, robotics, home automation and more, there is something for any professional inside and out of the media business.
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