Positive Flux TMT Investment Advisory Services GLG Scholar, top 5%

Helping venture capital, investment/asset management firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms fully understand the TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications) space in the context of their investment objectives, with detailed emphasis on how these technologies enable and power media companies. Our deep connections within the media production and technology space allows us to provide a unique, customer centric perspective.

Services from Positive Flux include:

  • Industry Overviews: When you need to become really smart, really fast.
  • Industry Primers: What are the components of the specific media technology industry area you are considering? How do they work? How do they fit together? Who are the key players?
  • Market Reviews: Who is the competition? What are the current market positions of the players? What are the market opportunities? How are the products perceived by customers?
  • Technology Evaluations: Analysis at any level, from a technology overview to in-depth due diligence on specific technologies.
  • Providing context for your numbers: Interpreting the numbers in a specific industry or segment context. What does the cash flow tell us? What are typical expenses?



For the past several years, we have consulted on over 100 assignments, assisting private equity firms, VC firms, and investment managers. We have also been called upon by management consulting firms on behalf of their clients. In each case, we provide them with the information they need to make strategic and sound financial decisions. Topics have included broadcast technology, TV ad delivery and distribution, network channel origination, transmission services and many others. For example:


  • Provided extended due diligence, product market analysis and growth estimates over a several month period to a Private Equity firm seeking to make a buyout of a large industry player. Became a critical member of the buy-out team.
  • Provided overview of a publicly traded services company to a private bank who was considering an investment in the satellite & program origination space. Client needed to integrate a large amount of information in preparation for next day meeting.
  • Provided product and customer analysis for private equity firm considering 2nd round of financing for a start up technology firm. Among other topics, we evaluated the specific technology, how it stacked up against its competitors, documented interviews on what potential customers thought, evaluated company leadership and projected company’s ability to succeed in the marketplace.
  • Evaluated a business plan for an international studio facility. Assisted in refining and testing assumptions.
  • Consulted with emerging markets investment manager on overseas TV production studio.
  • Provided information on broadcast communications equipment to overseas investment firm.


Merger & Acquisition Experience:

Weather Channel [2008] Oxygen [2008] Universal – NBC [2004] Telemundo – NBC [2003] Bravo – NBC [2002]