Background: Clear Channel Radio operates the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in Tribeca, NYC, hosting concerts from many of the biggest names in music. The venue produces excellent sound and its intimate size provides a unique concert experience for a limited number of contest winners. If you’re not one of the lucky few to win tickets, you can watch video from these events on Clear Channel’s website, . The production is shot EFP (Electronic Film Production) style, is highly stylized using a 24p (24 frame per second) film look, utilizes handheld cameras and very quick cuts – providing a dynamic and edgy look. Video captured at the event is edited and posted online at a later date.

Mission: Positive Flux was brought in to help streamline the production process and shorten the time from concert to air date. This was driven in part by the proliferation of smart phones with video recording capability. Audience members would frequently post the concert on the web before the concert was officially released on iheartradio – reducing the amount of traffic to the website. The mission was to provide a new toolkit that would allow Clear Channel Radio to release the concert without changing it great look, in less time that it would take an audience member to post.

Method: After initial observations, Positive Flux documented the current workflow timing and began to explore technologies. A thorough research process led to three leading solution contenders, which were demonstrated with key personnel. After new workflow plans were established, the technology was selected and installed. While this was taking place, Positive Flux briefed team leaders, arranged observation visits of comparable systems, suggested candidates for each of the new positions and helped bring the team up to speed.

Results: Chris Costello, Clear Channel’s Executive Producer and head of Production explains, “While anyone can capture a video on their mobile device, we want our viewers experience to be as close to the real thing as possible. We want them to see drops of sweat on the musician’s faces, the bright pops of colorful lights, a crisp view of the stage from in between hundreds of excited fans. We want them to feel like they’re actually there. That’s why we are excited to deliver a full, HD 6-camera shoot in real-time as the concert is under way. Our goal was to preserve the high quality of our content while delivering it to our online audience immediately. Positive Flux understood our needs and provided the guidance we needed to make the right choices.”

From the very first day with the new approach, Clear Channel Radio exceeded their original goals; producing a quality concert experience live while maintaining their edgy style. The live concert was streamed in real time permitting Clear Channel to maximize its audience by rapidly delivering a fantastic live streaming experience that no mobile device can match. What used to take all night was now done immediately. The packaging process, which used to take an entire week, was completed in just a few hours.

Summary: Thanks to new devices and fast wireless networks, the ways in which people experience and share media have changed dramatically in a short time. The evolution of Clear Channel Radio’s concert production capabilities is a great example of how Positive Flux helps it’s clients apply technology and creative workflows to turn the changes in audience behavior opportunities.


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Chris Costello, Executive Producer & Head of Production, Clearchannel Radio

Live Television Production in 24p