New Sports Production Facility


NBC Sports


Build new world-wide headquarters


David Mazza

NBC Sports moved into their brand new 300,000 sqft operations center built in an old shampoo factory during 2012.  Positive Flux  played a critical leadership roles for the enormous Stamford facility, which is now home to many of the Comcast/NBC sports networks.

The story begins with SVP of Engineering David Mazza scratching his head.  He needed the new facility to be ready in the fall of 2012  but had to focus his team’s efforts on preparing for the London Olympics.  Adding to the challenge, much of the equipment for the facility would not be released until the end of August when the games were completed.

Positive Flux helped to fill the gaps and manage the logistics for the creation of the new production factory including: budgeting, procurement, optimization of engineering designs, reuse of equipment, shipment planning and managing of systems integrator.

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