At the INTERSECTION of Social & Mass Media, TV & the Web lies Talk Center America. Video Caller Television is a new TV genre being created by Wolzien LLC using patent-pending Video Call Center technology. Multiple callers from around the world connect individually via IP video services like Skype(R), are screened by producers and sent to the show host for final switching to air using assistive automation developed by Positive Flux. Uniquely for TV, the host controls the air. There is no control room. The VCC system combines the democracy of the web (anybody can call) with the editorial curation necessary for responsible television at operating costs similar to talk radio.

The team at Positive Flux are the prime technology consultants to Video Caller Television and developed the 2nd generation software architecture of VCC that permits the host to control the program while maintaining a conversation with the audience. The assistive automation software supports the host by freeing them from many of the required background tasks that would otherwise require a technical director.

Positive Flux also prepared the multi-generational technology development plan as well as providing video systems design, computer network design, remote systems design, communications design and provided guidance about technology and business roll-out.

For more on Talk Center America, see the company’s website.