Positive Flux was created to help media firms plan and execute the strategic technology projects and operational transformations that they do not have the internal resources or experience to do.

Who are we?

Media-Change Management

With 30 years of technology, business operations and process experience, Positive Flux has the expertise to ensure that you reach the timeline, ROI (Return on Investment) and project success you desire.

We help content companies develop and deliver strategic changes, from critical operational improvements through business acquisition to building facilities from the ground up.  We act as your agent, preparing plans, cost estimates, RFPs (Request for Proposal) and we assist your team in selecting the right professionals for your project.

We also bring our expertise and knowledge into the financial sector, advising companies seeking to invest in the industry.

Our philosophy

We extend your team

Think of us as a bolt-on extension for your current organization’s capabilities.

We start by ensuring we have a thorough understanding of your business and culture. We then add our experience to assist your business in making constructive change from the inside. With expertise in change management, production systems, distribution technology, new media, finance, construction management and Six Sigma, Positive Flux is positioned to add a depth of experience to your team.

Clients hire us for

Change Leadership 100%
Tech & Ops Strategy 98%
Financial Analysis & ROI 96%
Innovation 94%
Vendor Management 90%
Workflow & Automation 88%
New Media Implementation 81%
Software Development & Integration 63%

Years of Experience

Years in business

Emmy Awards

Happy clients

Successful projects


We’re good at listening.   We let our clients do the talking.

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We’re proud of the projects we have completed. Everything from small operational studies and market research to full-blown facility builds.


Our team has the change management experience to help guide you to success.


We look forward to seeing how we can help your team succeed!

Positive Flux has been helping media companies plan and execute their strategic technology projects and operational transformations for five years. Supplementing internal resources, providing exceptional expertise and exposing teams to an industry-wide perspective that they cannot get internally.

Please let us know how we can help you succeed.


New York, USA

Phone number:

US:    1-(855) 358-3589

Int’l:  +1 (914) 873-0152

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